#TheResistance is growing – @realdonaldtrump voters starting to see that too. #TheResistance welcomes you. http://theatln.tc/2qJvflN

POTUS 39% approval is lower than any of his last 12 predecessors & even below Ford’s 42% after he pardoned Nixon pic.twitter.com/NpQGnBCS5C

@POTUS has shown more respect to the SA king than to vets, women, blacks, refugees, FBI, the Constitution. pic.twitter.com/jArtzcbjqg

Well this tweet certainly didn’t age well. #HypocriteinChief #TheResistance pic.twitter.com/pc9Qo9dDo9

Not only should you jump ship, but @realDonaldTrump’s staff should also LAWYER-UP!! pic.twitter.com/b6SVORItZ7

.@RepCummings #TheResistance is grateful for your leadership on recognizing “This thing runs deep” You’re a #GovHero pic.twitter.com/PAJlsYCeha

#TheResistance stands w/these @NotreDame students who walked out on @VP’s speech. You are true #ResistancePatriots pic.twitter.com/LLvTSJXfBf