Two #BREAKING stories

@WaPo and @Reuters have both reported that #Kushner had undisclosed contacts with Russians and made attempts to develop a “back channel” communication with Russia and the POTUS transition team PRIOR to the inauguration, likely to monitor the status of sanctions and the possibility of lifting them.  This is treasonous behavior in many Intelligence professional minds and others believe they would be tried for espionage if they had done the same thing.

We must hammer our MoC’s with the fact his clearance needs to be revoked IMMEDIATELY and he should be fired, pending further investigation.

Here are some tweets for the weekend to get us started.

Thank you @funder for filing the Kushner DHS complaint. #TheResistance is grateful. You are a #ResistancePatriot #🌊

#Kushner lied on his first SF86 security rm & again on his revised form. He is hiding something & it is TREASON. #🌊

Kushner didn’t get where he is in life being “naive”. Believe this He is shrewd. He is a liar and traitor. #🌊

Multiple former FBI/CIA-“#Kushner would be traitor in the eyes of the FBI & CIA”. REVOKE HIS CLEARANCE N-O-W. #🌊

#TheResistance joins @RepRaskin in DEMANDING #Kushners security clearance be revoked N O W #🌊 #TraitorJared

#TheResistance DEMANDS #Kushner’s clearance be revoked N O W He is a traitor. #🌊

1st paragraphs of @washingtonpost article Read it yourself & decide: Is #Kushner is a traitor or not? #🌊

#TheResistance DEMANDS #Kushner’s clearance be revoked N O W He is a traitor. #🌊

JARED IS A TRAITOR!!!! Let that sink in for a minute. The POTUS SIL is a traitor. #TraitorJared #🌊