The GOP has become the party of GREED OVER PEOPLE.  Few if any will choose country over party. There are lots of reasons to believe that GOP  party leaders are involved deeply in the  #TrumpRussia connection.  These tweets have this theme.

@SenateGOP @HouseGOP You are now branded the Party of TRAITORS. It’s either Traitor or Patriot-no other choice #🌊

#🌊  (infographic only  this link is correct)

One thing we know for sure-Putin was pretty happy w/what @POTUS said @ NATO meeting. Nuff said. #Putinspuppet #🌊

One thing we know for sure, Putin was pretty happy with what @POTUS said at NATO Nuff said…. #Putinspuppet #🌊

@GOP knew this was where the $$ came from & still backed @POTUS. GOP will go down w/him & not a moment too soon. #🌊

Flynn is dragging @POTUS down. @POTUS is dragging down the GOP. How long until they call for the life vests? #🌊

Things are pretty bad for the GOP when even 8th graders don’t want to associate with them. #🌊

@POTUS has made the GOP➡️the party of corruption The 🇺🇸People deserve better We DEMAND accountability #🌊

#🌊 (infographic only.  this link is correct)

Ask your MoC’s to support @SenGaryPeters & @SenCoryGardner S.960, that allows continued public access to govt data.


Dear @SenateGOP @HouseGOP This is what your party has become. GREED OVER PEOPLE. We deserve more. #TheResistance

@SenateGOP @HouseGOP You & @POTUS are going up in 🔥🔥. Will you ever choose country/party? #TheResistance #🌊

@SenateGOP How long will you let an inept @POTUS to mar your reputation? The longer you wait the > the damage #🌊

@POTUS makes blunder after blunder. Learning curve aside, he is totally inept. How long will GOP hang w/him? #🌊

Dear World Please give us until Nov 6,2018 to fix this situation. Sincere thanks #TheResistance #🌊

#TheResistance is sick of @realDonaldTrump’s lining his pockets with taxpayers hard-earned money. #Impeach #🌊

#TheResistance is grateful for patriots like Sally Yates who upholds the truths that we were founded upon. #🌊

Dear Chancellor Merkel Please accept our apologies and give us a little time to fix this POTUS. #TheResistance #🌊