Comey, Rogers and Rosenstein all testify this week before Congress.  It will be a week of openness about #TrumpRussia and one that is likely to cause POTUS a LOT of concern.  Be prepared for many distractions and excuses from the WH.  Expect Comey to confirm that Obstruction of Justice occurred in the Oval Office and that he was a witness to it.

IT”S #COMEYWEEK.  Bring it on–so we can get him out!!!!

#Comeyweek starts Monday. Get ready for major WH distractions #TheResistance will NOT be distracted #Trumprussia

Hoping #ComeyWeek will make this reality. Preparing for proof of obstruction- Then #impeach #TrumpRussiaCoverUp

.@realDonaldTrump- @BarackObama said this you were elected. He was right. #Trumpregrets-#TheResistance welcomes you

Line up for #Comeyweek. Popcorn &DVR ready Wednesday Rod Rosenstein Coats Rogers Thursday James Comey-will confirm obstruction #trumprussia

We will see WHY??? during #ComeyWeek & why Comey insisted that he testify publicly. #TrumpRussiaCoverUp #impeach

History will show that firing #Comey was the biggest mistake for POTUS. Thank you Jim Comey. You are a patriot.

We still don’t have an FBI director or a FEMA director or 448 other positions. But….there’s time to golf.

Perhaps this would be a good NOTE TO SELF @realDonaldTrump It’s #ComeyWeek #impeach #obstructionofjustice

Take a break and avoid TWITTER JAIL twitter-behind-bars

Seems pretty straight forward to me. Door number 3.

#Comeyweek starts Monday. It’s Mueller Time. #Trumprussia is how he will go down. plan”. It is #Trumprussia that end him & this week is #Comeyweek.

London’s mayor called #PresidentLoco’s tweet critique of him “ill-informed”. That’s the kindest thing I could say.

Congrats .@realDonaldTrump You now hold the title of “Worst President in History”

You are in “tweets of trouble” “Mother Russia” better help you this week because “It’s #ComeyWeek”

@nikkihaley explained to CNN Sunday POTUS “in no way speaks for the Trump administration”. This is insane. #impeach

,@elonmusk Thank you for resigning from your advisory councils in protest You are a #ResistancePatriot


retweet retweet2These tweets did well on my feed.  Tweet them to get more followers and attention to #TheResistance

In March, @POTUS Secretary of Defense Mattis said that addressing #climatechange was a matter of #nationalsecurity.

,@MayorStanton Thank you continuing to reach your climate goals for Phoenix You are a #ResistancePatriot

We can laugh at your made up words because #TheResistance knows you are going down @realDonaldTrump. #covfeve

Your #Covfefe won’t distract #TheResistance from getting you out of office & in jail where traitors belong.

This is your daily reminder that made up words won’t distract us. #covfefe

Dear .@realDonaldTrump We accept GLADLY. NOW!!! #TheResistance

.@realDonaldTrump says climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese, but HE is a CON created by the Russians.

.@POTUS’s version of America First We could do without this.