Last week McConnell placed the AHCA on a fast track.  Here is the schedule.


The Senate GOP’s plan is to pass this bill FAST—by June 30. Enough time to fight, no time to spare.

Here are the steps

  • GOP is writing the bill now, in close touch with CBO. Their goal: send it to CBO for official score between now and Tue, unseen by public
  • In other words, negotiations are nearly wrapped up on what’s actually in their bill. What’s leaking out is awful. But the bill is secret.
  • They get it back from the CBO with official score ~2 weeks later—& fast-track it to Senate passage w/privileged status, ie no filibuster.
  • The week of June 26, the score will come out, the bill will be made public, the public will scream, and they’ll grit teeth & pass it
  • NO hearings w/ experts & affected witnesses, NO committee markups, NO consultation with Dems, NO town halls or public forums—undemocratic

Senate learned their lesson from the House: silence is golden. Attention is the enemy.

Here’s how we meet this moment and kill TrumpCare.

  1. Senators are telling me that their phones have returned to normal, pre-Trump levels. A few dozen calls a day. That must end.  The number to call Congress is 202-224-3121. Save the 202-224-3121 in your phone as a contact. Put it as a favorite. Say “Hey Siri, remind me to call Congress at 10am on weekdays.”
  1. Don’t just call Congress—recruit callers. Type “Friends in Tennessee” into Facebook. You’ll get a list. Ask ’em to call Sen. Alexander. Your friends in TN WV LA ME TN AR AZ CO SC NV AK & OH miss you! Don’t neglect them! Get in touch & ask ’em to call Congress re Trumpcare

It’s GREAT to call Congress and leave your opinion. Senate offices circulate call tallies every day. But calls can go even further: When you call a Senate office, ask to speak to the relevant Health Legislative Assistant. Here is a link to all of the Health Legislative assistants.

When you get through, explain that you’re a constituent and you have grave concerns about how the bill will affect you. Then explain WHY.  These staffers are human beings. They work on health care because they care about health. Even if their bosses don’t. Tell your story.  What you want is for health staffers to be telling their bosses that they’ve spent all day with the phone from freaked-out constituents

Incidentally, it’s also worth EMAILING the legislative assistants w/personal notes. Here’s how to figure out Hill staff email addresses  If I, Ben Wikler, worked for Sen. Murkowski, (I don’t; Chelsea Holt is her health LA), I’d be

To start with do these and all of the upcoming tweetsheets.  Schedule the links via any of the scheduling programs.  And do them often.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT, CALL YOUR SENATORS EVERY DAY YOURSELF.  Tweets are really helpful but calls mean more.  

Here you go for today.

#TheResistance will NOT Be BULLIED BY A GROUP OF 13 GOP’s making decisions for our future!! #Wewillstopyou

AHCA will remove health care from 24mil people, hike premiums & strip away coverage for pre-ex conds. CALL YOUR SEN

GOP writing bill behind closed doors Won’t allow Dems amendments THIS IS WRONG CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY NO TO AHCA

If you don’t think families should be 1 accident/illness away from bankruptcy, we must fight CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY

AHCH= Lifetime caps will be restored-Meaning cancer pts will lose their coverage IN THE MIDDLE OF CHEMO CALL TODAY

Let’s do our part to protect our vets care. CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY. TELL THEM #NoAHCA #VeteransResist

POTUS is sabotaging ACA. Why are insurers dropping ACA? Price hikes caused by Trump. CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY #NOAHCA

#GOP is trying to ram through a horrible AHCA that will hurt millions 💥Call your Senators TODAY & EVERY DAY #NOAHCA

All we Vets ask is that if GOP doesn’t want to help us, at least don’t hurt us & our families. #NOAHCA #NOTRUMPCARE

POTUS offered to testify under oath RE #Comey’s charges of lying Bring it on because…..

Don’t give anymore time or credence to: The tapes Comey testimony Trump MUST focus on #Trumpcare The rest->Mueller

How does giving the 1% a huge tax cut by taking away healthcare from 24mil people rescue the 🇺🇸 people? #NOAHCA

24 million adults & 3 million kids will lose health care. People with pre-existing conditions will lose health care.

On June 14 from AM-PM, #TheResistance will call our U.S. Senators tell them to reject TrumpCare #NOAHCA. CALL!

Dem’s ACA revision bill would help lower health care premiums across the board. it won’t even get voted on #NOAHCA.


  • CALL every day.
  • Ask for health staffers.
  • Email them, too.