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Try to use these hashtags in your Trumpcare tweets:

#NoTrumpcare, #SayNoToTrumpcare #FixACA and #ShowUsTheBill

Call it “Trumpcare not ACHA.  He is backing it-he can own it with his own name.

🔥EMERGENCY🔥 The @SenateGOP is trying to blindside us with a terrible bill CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY #NoToTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/KtyEcYHp4B

#NoToTrumpcare @SenateGOP can’t explain how stripping 23M Americans of insurance benefits the nation-because it WONT pic.twitter.com/n35WRXmOeK

.@SenateGOP thinks we aren’t watching We see you making tax cuts for wealthy & calling it healthcare We remember too pic.twitter.com/GfiQcGPX6t

Put the pedal 🚔to the metal Only 3 wks until vote WE WANT OUR ESSENTIAL BENEFITS CALL YOUR SENATOR #NoToTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/kqg0AVWfUq

.@SenateGOP Seniors are formidable opponents We have @AARP behind us They say #NoTrumpcare So do we #NoTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/GEtousoOnr

The 13 men who stand between you & insurance CALL THEM TELL THEM #NoTrumpcare TELL THEM #TheResistance remembers pic.twitter.com/q8R43hAhOS

@SenateGop AHCA will cost people healthcare & nearly 1M jobs in all 50 states. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!! #NoTrumpcare http://nbcnews.to/2sBhWHs

#Trumpcare won’t be any more successful than POTUS other ventures Only w/this one lives are at stake #NoTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/wf1NjTsxQ3

These 13 GOP’s hold your future health care in your hands Tell them to #ShowUsTheBill Tell them #NoTrumpcare #FixACA pic.twitter.com/PmpKGJaqkw

.@SenateGOP AHCA is 80% like the House bill and causes HUGE medicaid cuts for disabled & children. #NoTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/1XooreQJlW

BREAKING: @SenateGOP just released the schedule of hearings & testimony for the health care bill MARK YOUR CALENDARS pic.twitter.com/ul1F5aoTl8

THIS is not OK #NoTrumpCare #ShowUsTheBill #FixACA pic.twitter.com/KwlRveAGNE

If @rPOTUS is innocent, why is he is trying SO hard to stop the investigation that might prove it? ? #WitchHunt pic.twitter.com/M6WHf5uyDe

HEY! @GOPSenate! People might die because they cannot afford healthcare. STOP the rush! #NoTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/sr9F0QFr8Z

🔥EMERGENCY🔥 The @SenateGOP is trying to blindside us with a terrible bill CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY #NoToTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/RZ27DLZSDi