Help #FlipThe5th in SC.  Get another Dem in the House.

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Early voting is open for our #SC5 special election. VOTE FOR PARNELL VOTE TUESDAY 48 hours!

.@Archie4Congress -this election is about the people of the SC 5th district VOTE TUESDAY #Flipthe5th VOTE!!

Vote Tuesday for @Archie4Congress! Together we can #flipthe5th and #FlipTheHouse! Fight Trump Agenda

Our goal is just 24 hours away. VOTE ARCHIE FOR CHANGE IN SC Tuesday! #Flipthe5th

Its time to bring this home VOTE ON Election Day We’re ready to #FlipThe5th VOTE ARCHIE PARNELL Change for SC

Join us to #FlipThe5th on June 20: VOTE ARCHIE PARNELL for SC change Vote Tuesday

SCCD5 is winnable but not without your vote Make SCarolina 5th District blue again! VOTE ARCHIE PARNELL #Flipthe5th

Archie Parnell-endorsed by Former Rep John Spratt, a Dem in this seat from1983-2011. VOTE Archie on Tues #Flipthe5th

Archie Parnell-Women should be free to get health care services when & where they see fit Vote Tuesday #Flipthe5th

Vote Tuesday in #SC5 special election. Help @Archie4Congress win Mick Mulvaney’s seat? VOTE ARCHIE PARNELL