Well, BCRA is our and it doesn’t provide the “better care” it is named after and that won’t fool #TheResistance.

New tweets showing info and the effects of it.

GOP=people are “hysterical” You know what isn’t hysterical? GOP attacking anyone that ->to the human toll of BCRA pic.twitter.com/qpb4Ehl5uz

W/ BCRA Medicaid cuts may force retirees out of nursing homes that now pay for 1.4M people in nursing homes #NoBCRA http://nyti.ms/2tJ82RZ

Pick up your phone Call your Senator Tweet them Write them Do it now. pic.twitter.com/vaOdNkJGIg #NoBCRA #NoTrumpcare

In every Alaska county a 60-year old with middle income will pay *at least* $30,880 more->552% increase #SlimyGOP pic.twitter.com/E11ZqqreYm

Under #BCRA most severe Medicaid cuts begin in 2025-a timing gimmick-designed to hide the full impact #SlimyGOP pic.twitter.com/J6bXZxI7y6

W/BCRA, someone at the poverty level’s the deductible could skyrocket from $100 to $7.5K Just let that sink in a bit pic.twitter.com/4Hjdz1N359

Will our children know we did everything we could to stop this? WE MUST 📱CALL your senators today📱 #NoBCRA pic.twitter.com/0b5dyJ5sZa

Ben Sasse of NE & Bill Cassidy of LA said they are uncommitted. NE + LA, you know what to do📱📞📱📞 #NoTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/Ol7W2KNlO0

Let your screams rain down like 🔥🔥🔥 on your Senators #NoBCRA is the most immoral/savage legislation of our time pic.twitter.com/IvTipSLlBn

If you don’t think that calling your senator makes a difference READ THIS TWEET ☎️☎️CALL☎️☎️ EVERY SINGLE DAY!! pic.twitter.com/pJAFYQkeaD