.@CoryBooker ‘s bill will disband “election integrity” commission Ask your senator to vote YES #NoVoterSuppression pic.twitter.com/GmQK0JN3Ff

.@realDonaldTrump CLAIMS he is “cleaning it up” then smears the office & country w/his behavior & words #NoDignity pic.twitter.com/f0EyU1wSNU

Do your patriotic duty….. pic.twitter.com/3RQW8LjBJT

.@USCBO estimates @SenateGOP ‘s plan leaves 15M more people uninsured next yr than ACA. @SenateGOP— #NoTrumpcare pic.twitter.com/2NsK5AwCUC

WH using @NationalEnquir story to threaten & harass the POTUS critics is ABUSE OF POWER= GROUND FOR IMPEACHMENT pic.twitter.com/v68QSc0T4g

Don’t argue with Trump voters Instead recall👇: There are 63M reg. voters that did not vote. Find one & adopt them. pic.twitter.com/hEEOlkaxti

POTUS [is] intellectually & emotionally unable transition from minor entertainment star to major political figure. http://bit.ly/2t9Lfid

POTUS has abhorrent need to verbally abuse women especially in physical terms involving blood/bleeding NOT NORMAL http://bit.ly/2t9Lfid

POTUS cares > about how he is perceived in the media than about anything else including the 🇺🇸people or even $ http://bit.ly/2t9Lfid

Instead of crying- #RESIST & #RESIST We won’t watch #democracydying under #NotMyPresident. We MUST #KeepOnResisting pic.twitter.com/EDRAE8hAlc

This #July4th while we fly our American flags with pride, don’t forget our @POTUS is loyal to another. #TrumpRussia pic.twitter.com/3glZXb3IVq

Multiple conservative print media are writing against POTUS & what he stands for. THIS IS BAD… REALLY BAD!! pic.twitter.com/1Yb5gXEYg1

I am dead serious @SenateGOP & @SenateDems should invoke the 25th amendment to seek removal of POTUS from office. pic.twitter.com/k452ibsfuG

Here are all the numbers for the health care legislative assistants for all the senators. Find yours and call please. EVERY DAY. pic.twitter.com/818t3Si36O

Trying hard to feel bad for the @SenateGOP over the hard choice they have on #Trumpcare Nope, not me #KillTheBill pic.twitter.com/CQw2BwKVmO

Call. Tell your Senators to fight for better #healthcare, not tax cuts for rich. #NoTrumpcare #KillTheBill #FixACA pic.twitter.com/GnCXVQTF9Y

.@SenMajLdr The numbers are in. #Trumpcare hurts more than it helps. #Fix the ACA #KillTheBill pic.twitter.com/nolOAhMQFV