@SenateMajLdr came out this weekend saying if they couldn’t repeal the ACA they would fix it.

IT IS WORKING!!! Not perfectly but it is working far better than their plan.  They must work in a bipartisian manner to #FixTheACA.  Tweet these throughout the day or when your followers activity is the highest to get the maximum action on them.

AND CALL YOUR SENATORS every day, even if they ware GOP and will vote for the bill.  Keep our voices loud!!!! Text 50409 to Resistbot to Fax or use the app Stance to leave a voice mail any time of day.  I do this sometimes from my bed at night.  Anything to keep our voices loud.

.@SenateMajLdr admitted we can #FixTheACA w/ bipartisan effort WORK TOGETHER MAKE IT HAPPEN #BoF #SaveOurCare pic.twitter.com/8jikOO5Znm

23 M That’s how many are counting on us to #FixTheACA CALL your Senator #TheResistance is depending on you #BoF pic.twitter.com/WVNIQCXyPv

TrumpCare isnt Healthcare Its WealthCare It affects PEOPLES LIVES for tax cuts for the rich #FixTheACA #BoF pic.twitter.com/6LSyARvgwG

The ACA helps many of the poor #Trumpcare crushes them so the rich can pay less taxes UNAMERICAN #FixTheACA #BoF pic.twitter.com/elNPHKXjUb

Call 202-224-3121 Tell your Senators to fight for better healthcare not tax cuts for rich. #FixTheACA #BoF pic.twitter.com/peridSHEPY

OBAMACARE IS WORKING There are tens of thousands of examples Say NO to Trumpcare & YES to #FixTheACA #BoF pic.twitter.com/nGso49oHdo

@GOP Whats ProLife about pregnant women not getting care they need for themselves & their children? #FixTheACA #BoF pic.twitter.com/gd1RCLXsic

People WILL DIE just to save the rich some $$$ THIS IS UNAMERICAN & WealthCare NOT healthcare #SFixTheACA #BoF pic.twitter.com/zfb2L0J3X0

@GOP If this bill is so wonderful, why are you exempt? Either take the same coverage as us or #FixTheACA!! #BoF pic.twitter.com/IaIRNR551M

And… they will also note the unprecedented #Resistance that came about because of it #TheResistance WILL WIN!!! https://twitter.com/ericgarland/status/883759625669136384