Potus and family have caused us some serious problems this week with POTUS behavior at G20 and Jr.’s recently revealed collusion with the Russians during the campaign.  #TheResistance will stay strong against the threats to our democracy.

Not to be forgotten in the background is the Repeal/Repeal threat of the ACA.  We must not let the ACA, which has benefited so many, be repealed.

Tweet on to save our  democracy.  Remember to also call/Resistbot/fax your senators daily to tell them #SaveTheACA.  Tweets are important but calls are what make the difference.

I looked up “transparency” in The Mobster’s Guide to Staying Out Of Jail & I couldn’t find it anywhere. #LockHimUp pic.twitter.com/u648CRrtfp

On the potential TrumpJr/Russia/Hiliary collusion “I love it.” @DonaldJTrumpJr Sacrificing democracy for hate #BoF pic.twitter.com/ZQOKvmT8P7

TRANSLATION “Mr. Kushner… did not list his treasonous contacts with foreign officials (to keep him out of jail).” pic.twitter.com/xNoAs9Xu8f

Dear #PresidentBannon Put your party dress on. The #FreePress is coming for you too. #BoF #LockHimUp pic.twitter.com/eR51XcjMuJ

I see this scenario: Jr found guilty Dad pardons him Dad resigns –>political fallout of pardon BOTH FREE Jr.=not in prison Dad=golf course

JR. COMMITTED TREASON & he shouted it from a rooftop. How long will it be before SOMEONE in Congress TAKES ACTION? pic.twitter.com/jpRbYcpoor

I know its discouraging w/each dumpster fire BUT WE CANNOT AFFORD TO REST The cost is ⬆️great #TheResistance pic.twitter.com/nl6OdiLoiX

NEWSFLASH “We do not get our opposition research from Russian spies.” Richard Painter REALLY? Jr– Heads up https://twitter.com/BraddJaffy/status/884184317852884993 …

Perhaps @realDonaldTrump seemed isolated & awkward at G20 because he thought it was a different kind of gathering? pic.twitter.com/4nPNyJnxdD

We now know why it is so important to keep NEOPTISM out of our govt We are not a Kleptocracy. #TheResistance pic.twitter.com/2iOGVElTTo

Just like @GameOfThrones, we have a man-child in the WH. #TheResistance will return the power to the GROWN-UP’s. pic.twitter.com/MbQWZ3qNoi

Round one goes to…. #TheResistance who fought hard to not let the WH access our personal info. #Resist pic.twitter.com/5FYBN40YuU


.@SenateMajLdr admitted we can #SaveACA by improving it w/ bipartisan effort. Call Senators! #TW #SaveOurCare pic.twitter.com/8jikOO5Znm

Low-inc & older people who don’t qualify for Medicare will be hit hard by #BCRA http://buff.ly/2tpBfVg #SaveTheACA pic.twitter.com/fbPXCyv04j

Almost every state would see fewer jobs and weaker economies w/#BCRA http://buff.ly/2su1xBt #SaveTheACA pic.twitter.com/xyGUMZDfFr

See how Repeal/Replace of the ACA will affect your state #SaveTheACA http://buff.ly/2sOCQE4

Medicaid is critical to access to treatment for people wopioid addiction. http://buff.ly/2loPFjl #SaveTheACA pic.twitter.com/tO3f9Maekv

@GOP bill would push the number of people w/o insurance from 26M ->49M by 2026 http://buff.ly/2tpBfVg #SaveTheACA pic.twitter.com/u7P6qguFks