Keep your eyes on the prize, #TheResistance Nov 6, 2018 is coming #TheResistance remembers. #BoF

The GOP will never recover from the madness of this administration. 11/6/18 is coming. #TheResistance remembers #BoF

With no moral compass & their choice to back a treasonous admin @GOP will pay on 11-6-18 #TheResistanceRemembers

Make your choice @GOP Traitor or Patriot Party or Country Because on 11-6-18 #TheResistance will remember. #BoF

@GOP The time for choosing Party over country is NOW Your days are limited #TheResistance will remember-11-6-18.

On the days when we are discouraged, remember this picture Because of people like these that we #RESIST. #BoF

Dear @realDonaldTrump Might be time for a meeting w/the “band of thugs”. Pretty dismal when @FoxNews isn’t on board

Traitors Not Tolerated ’nuff said. #BoF

When the cost of winning is at the cost of our democracy, that cost it too high. WE WILL RESIST!! #BoF

When the GOP support this admin tactics it can only mean this- they have secrets themselves and are traitors too

@realDonaldTrump Your “Made in China” ties should go over really well during your “Made in America” week #Whoknew