#TheResistance Tweetsheets will be laser focused on #TaxReform until the vote.  See the info below.

From MoveOn:

With the house passing the budget resolution, #TheResistance has entered the sprint: the 6-week window when GOP wants to fleece you to help the rich

Headlines are saying, inaccurately, that this budget resolution allows a $1.5 trillion tax cut. No no no no.

The budget resolution allows for $1.5 trillion increase in deficit—but also calls for $5 TRILLION in cuts. So, $6.5T for tax cuts for rich. & that’s actually less than the $7.8 trillion price tag Trump’s proposed mega tax giveaway to rich & corporations

Rubber meets road next Wed, Nov 1, when GOP plans to unveil their actual tax bill. Immediate reaction = critical.

Floods of phone calls, protests at Congressional offices, volcanic social media (that us) response—all will be necessary to slow momentum out of gate.

Tax bill goes thru House Ways & Means Cmte week of Nov 6. Possible full House vote week of Nov 13th. Vast pressure needed to force delay.

Just as with health care bill in the House, if they don’t have the votes, they’ll delay the vote. They won’t simply give up. Neither will we

The longer their bill is in the public eye, the less popular it will become. Americans don’t want to further rig economy against middle class

If GOP stays on track with maximally aggressive schedule, Senate Finance Committee could review & vote on bill week of Nov 13, before Thxgvg

Worst case scenario, full Senate votes on their bill right after Thanksgiving, week of Nov 27. But not if the outraged public does its job.

Not that GOP will give up if they can’t pass bill by Dec 13. But road narrows.

So that’s our goal: push it all past that date.

To do this, we have to fight every step of the way. Visit (link: http://NotOnePenny.orgNotOnePenny.org for more instructions—and call Senate now: 202-224-3121.

Here’s your tweets.  Tweet far and wide.

@GOP doesn’t care about future debt or what #TaxReform does to the deficit only themselves Say No to #TaxReform pic.twitter.com/F6jgMAtl7n

Such “Unity” in the @GOP So much no one recognizes it as even being united. SAD @GOPIsGoingDown pic.twitter.com/qnc8J7yn5y

@GOP #TaxReform is heartless, soulless & only benefits the rich Call you MoC Tell them to vote NO to #TaxReform pic.twitter.com/nnkkeuiveR

#TaxReform needs to happen But not the way the @GOP is doing it. It must help working families not just the rich pic.twitter.com/7wFhQJhdLU

Taking away the State/local tax deduction will cause more hardship on the middle class & only benefit the rich. pic.twitter.com/RQnz68abiT

Seniors are the ones who need medical care most Cutting Medicare just DOESNT MAKE SENSE ☎️Call your MoC☎️ Vote NO pic.twitter.com/2JoE6jhs43

Instead of paper towels, potus is throwing tax cuts to the 1% rich worth a lot more….. ☎️Call ☎️ MoCs must vote NO pic.twitter.com/87lAYvVYvV

The #TaxReform is really a SAVE THE BILLIONAIRES plan MIddle class folks will suffer @GOP’s must vote NO pic.twitter.com/EFR8PTcGFl

Nat Home Builders oppose #TaxReform Repealing mortgage deduction means only 4% will benefit instead of 21% now CALL pic.twitter.com/49FtzjTTp6

Its clear where @GOP’s priorities lie. Not with working folks but with the rich donors. The top 1% No to #TaxReform pic.twitter.com/Cn7SR6dzo4

THIS 👇👇 Is what “trickle down” #TaxReformScam does to the working class. Destroys it It must not pass Call MoC’s pic.twitter.com/z7cildfJgm

Medicare/Medicaid was cut due torich not paying tax $$ to fund them. Poor/elderly HC cut so rich can have 👆💲 pic.twitter.com/iTbHcoRCfY