FACT CHECK: CBO for taxes says: 38 Mil families earning $20k-$30k will see a tax hike in 2023 with #TrumpTaxScam #TW pic.twitter.com/tALZ4yRDnk

#TrumpTaxScam being rushed through-raises taxes on 13M making less than $100,000 a year.CALL -Oppose https://nyti.ms/2z9CsQg

#TrumpTaxScam 🔼deficit ✂️ key deductions/credits for working families to give companies/rich a tax cut Call ☎️ pic.twitter.com/4ViZ63ln46

#TrumpTaxScam mortgage interest deduction cap puts a huge barrier to homeownership for a measly $98/mth pay increase pic.twitter.com/iFvkvonFkW

#TrumpTaxScam repeals SALT-state/ local tax deduction, claimed by 5 Mil working folks They will lose money each year pic.twitter.com/xvqFfFuPC2

#TrumpTaxScam ⬇️the rate from 39% ➡️25% for corps like Trump Org HUGE conflict of interest Middle class gets $1100 pic.twitter.com/LzeK53Zc2d

Where homes cost >$500K #TrumpTaxScam will make new homes more costly by repeal of interest deduction ☎️ your MoC pic.twitter.com/1bOXbZTuBK

100k American kids are waiting to be adopted #TrumpTaxScam makes it harder to adopt by ending adoption tax benefits pic.twitter.com/FObFjOKpOd

States w/shortage of ⬇️cost housing lose lots of credits/bonds that financed these housing units w/ #TrumpTaxScam pic.twitter.com/3LJYpIb9GS


#TrumpTaxScam repeals the medical expense deduction which affects millions of people who are already vulnerable ☎️☎️ pic.twitter.com/HLFrqiYNcz