BAck from the holiday break.  Hope you are all refreshed and ready to RESIST because there are lots of issues to tackle.

Enjoy the variety of issues we are dealing with but focus on calling your MoC about the @GOPTaxScam.  That is important.

JCT is the CBO for tax bills. The day after Thanksgiving the nonpartisan, JCT released an analysis finding that the Senate tax bill will raise taxes on average for everyone making under $75,000. Don’t know how much clearer it can be. #GOPTaxPlan

16 Reasons to #Resist #GOPTaxScam #TW

How the new bill will affect people 65+ The #GOPTaxScam will decimate the safety net that people have paid into their whole working lives. It’s #EarnedBenefit not an entitlement #TW

The biggest winners of the #GOPTaxScam #TW

Corporations would get a permanently LOWER tax rate on OVERSEAS operations & profits than on U.S. operations & profits, and new giant loopholes would encourage even more offshoring. #GOPTaxScam #TW

#TrumpTax Scam really hurts people with disabilities. Guts Medicaid, 13 Million lose insurance, no more medical expense deduction. How is this fair? @lisamurkowski @SenatorCollins #GOPTaxScam #TW

🚨It’s alarm time. 🚨 THIS WEEK Senators are voting to cut their own taxes & raise yours The time is NOW for mass mobilization. TODAY Join a national day of action event near you. Nearly 100 local events already scheduled: … … …

If @GOP is to survive this horrific time in our history, they cannot choose a sexual predator of children over a Democrat. IT’S THAT SIMPLE, @GOP.

WE MUST STOP @GOPTaxScam “This fight isn’t about who pays $100 less or $100 more. It’s about the massive, devastating cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, & Social Security that the GOP is planning if their bill passes.” via @benwikler

WE MUST STOP @GOPTaxScam This Wed-Sun, @MoveOn is organizing a week of action. SIGN UP NOW to host a protest & you’ll get an invite to join @benwikler on a briefing call Monday night …

WE MUST STOP @GOPTaxScam THIS MORNING Call your Senators. 202-224-3121. AND RIGHT NOW sign up for this tool that lets you call like-minded folks in key states & urge them to call *their* Senators: …

The level of moral depravity in the WH now knows no bounds. #ImpeachTrumpNow

Could just be me but it seems like this kind of thing is illegal….. it is at least a sign of being desperate. #SAD …