Reminder: The #GOPTaxPlan is a morally reprehensible windfall for the wealthy that utterly betrays middle- and low-income women and families. #BadDealForWomen

Heads up. We have an unpopular president (A) We have NK with a nuclear threat. (B) There could be nuclear war (C) A=B B=C A=C

Picking myself up off the floor. CBO score of the Senate tax plan is unbelievable– tax increases for poorest (due to elimination of indiv mandate), largest cuts for wealthiest

This 👇👇👇👇👇👇 & only 2 days from the vote. No hearings No legislative text No score A totally new, dumb idea airdropped in at the last minute. Big impacts for 100% of the economy. Are you listening cc: @SenJohnMcCain ???? via @TopherSpiro …

Do you want to see what @GOP leadership looks like…… The Republican tax bill cuts taxes for corporations and raises taxes on students in debt.

👂👂Listen to @KamalaHarris ☎️CALL☎️ CALL☎️ CALL☎️ …

Many Vet working families won’t get the full increase from the #GOPTaxScam Child Tax Credit because their incomes are too low. Many vets would receive only a token increase of $75 or less. #GOPTaxScam Is this how we want to treat our vets?

ore than 200,000 phone calls were placed to Congress in protest. 500,000 comments were left on the FCC’s website. Keep calling and commenting, folks. ☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️ Make your voice heard. Save #NetNeutrality

False promise number 1: The tax cuts will pay for themselves. Reality: Hardworking Americans will pay for them. #GOPTaxScam …