Dear #TheResistance Do not think for a moment any of this would have happened w/o our voices. We don’t just practice democracy on voting day

You think this is a witch hunt. Mueller has a bucket of water waiting ready for you. Dissolve, my pretty…

Words clearly missing from POTUS response to SC Mueller appt-”We will fully cooperate” Mueller is coming for you   (RT tipretweet2 –this one got a lot of action on my trial version.  you might want to schedule it too) 

Collusion;sharing Intel w/enemies;lying to congress & us; sexually assaulting women; bragging about it-that hurts!!

You think this is a witch hunt @realDonaldTrump . You haven’t seen anything yet. Mueller is coming for you.

McMaster is no longer credible Why are honorable people falling on their swords for POTUS? Unbelievable.

The greatest threat now is NOT POTUS but a spineless & cowardly GOP congress.#TheResistance is coming for you.

Take a break and avoid Twitter Jail twitter-behind-bars

THANK YOU @OversightDems & @HouseJudDems for calling for #SpecialProsecutor . You are a #GovHero for #TheResistance


.@RepAdamSchiff #TheResistance thanks you for speaking truth to power. We need leadership like u You are a #GovHero

@SenBlumenthal #TheResistance thanks you for seeing there is obstruction happening. You are a #GovHero. We need you.

Thank you @WaPo You have been critical in keeping us off a slippery slope towards tyranny. You are #MediaHero

It is clear POTUS is guilty of obstruction of justice. @HouseDemocrats we DEMAND you draft articles of impeachment